I, Alan Partridge – King of Radio & Movie Star

If you hear a man repeatedly yelling “Dan!” for several minutes in a crowded parking lot, then you know who is just feet away, whether that’s good or bad. Love him or loathe him, Alan Partridge has undoubtedly taken over BBC with his humorous opinions, unfortunate circumstances, and prideful tendencies. He has a love-hate relationship with most of his listeners, but his awkward and overbearing personality often becomes addictive and overly entertaining.

Alan Partridge, is indeed a fictional character, played by Steve Coogan, but we’ll pretend he’s real for the sake of comedic relief.

This sappy ol’ fellow has perhaps become a such a notable figure because he makes everyone feel better about their lives with the sad, unfortunate stories he tells and the insecurity he has no intent of hiding. He boasts an impressive resume my making a career at North Norfolk Digital as he claims his radio segment, Mid Morning Matters, is undoubtedly “ground breaking.” That’s (highly) debatable.

He’s often known for his very light thinking. He’d prefer to think of himself as a theologian, which we’ll allow, as he is known for his impressive and original quotes that surpass time. One of his most popular: “In my mind God made Adam and Eve, he didn’t make Adam and Steve.” You get the picture.

Partridge wouldn’t be shy to consider himself a movie star, having appeared in, you guessed it, “The Alan Partridge Movie.” If you can’t get enough of his ego via the radio, then the film is enough of a dose to last a year. Forget film star though, he’s also an author with his book, “I, Partridge: We Need To Talk About Alan.” Complete with a stunning portrait of the character on the cover, pale arms and all.

His success might be accredited to his time spent at Radio Norwich as a sports reporter. In prior years, he impressively worked as a hip DJ on Radio Smile for a hospital radio station. We wish he lived up to the station’s name and created more smiles, but unfortunately he had many complaints from sick and dying patients whom he seemingly argued with too much, causing him to be terminated.

Although Partridge boasts that he has quite the posse and a large amount of friends, his closest companion is paid to be by his side as an assistant. Lynn is continuously beaten down by Partridge, but puts up with it all for the sake of a paycheck.

The good news is that over recent years Partridge’s popularity has secured him a spot in the heart and minds of many listeners, but for those that can’t stand the sound of his voice – you might want to change the channel.

Watch the teaser trailer for Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.
(In cinemas August 7, 2013)

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