Armed Forces Day

The Armed Forces day is Saturday, June 25, 2011. This is a celebration  to fly flags in honour of our men and women that are serving in the armed forces.

There are a lot of activities that will be available. This day is a tribute to those who are risking it all because our freedom really is not free. These men and women are risking their lives to uphold our nations freedom. Our country was based on freedom and what we pay for it sometimes is sadly taken for granted. Our freedom comes with a price that is so high most people do not even give it thought.

Its an important day because it allows you the people to show your support by being a part of the events and celebrations planned. The time is now, you can show your support by displaying your patriotic bunting and whatever decorations you may have from having been in the armed forces yourself. By attending this celebration, you are showing that you really appreciate our service members that are stuck in a place they do not want to be for your freedom and your way of life you hold so dear.

Its really time to thank our Armed Forces and important reminder to those families that have their family members currently serving that we all acknowledge their sacrifice. These people have a part of their lives missing, and it is time to show that you are offering your support to be a part of the Armed Forces Day. We need to get out and show that we are here supporting our troops for the job they are doing.

Those brave men and women that put their lives at risk everyday to ensure that our freedoms and life is able to be protected. Where would our country be if we did not have those brave men and women to put our lives before theirs. These people risk so much for us that we should remember that what we enjoy here in the United Kingdom comes with the most saddest price of all, It comes with a person willing to die for our country so that we may continue to live free. Our service men really want our support now come and join in to show that you appreciate all that they do and suffer just so that we may have all the greatest gifts this country has to give.

Help celebrate Armed Forces Day 2011

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