British Museum London – Where Past Meets Future

You can’t travel back in time, but you can make the past merge into the future as you meander among the collections at the British Museum. Eight million artifacts of human culture and art are spotlighted within this most illustrious of London museums.

Ancient Egypt

Featuring the second-largest collection of antiquities from Ancient Egypt in the world (the first being in Egypt), the British Museum boasts the Rosetta Stone, the Colossal Bust of Ramesses II, and the resplendent, bearded statue of Tutankhamun as the priest of Hapy, God of the flooding Nile. Penchant for mummies? Ginger the Gebelein Man, has been welcoming visitors since 1901.

Elgin Marbles

Catch a glimpse of the controversial Elgin Marbles as they invoke a mythos of ancient gods and heroes. What you will see: A pageant of 17 almost-breathing statues from the pediments of the Parthenon, panels of Elgin Marbles proclaiming battles of centaurs and Lapiths, a lithesome Caryatid having wandered away from her Erechtheum, and the noble freeze of the Temple of Athena Nike itself.

Hajj Exhibition

Next, journey to the heart of Islam at the Hajj exhibition, celebrating the history of the Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. Highlighting rare artifacts from 13 countries, the Hajj exhibition features tapestries, tents, textiles, ticket stubs, and the showpiece – the oldest-known edition of the Quran (8th century). Contemporary art is presented in a dynamic magnetic display honouring the three million pilgrims who reached Mecca last year.

Grayson Perry

If you think the British Museum is mostly dusty antiquities, Grayson Perry’s exhibit “The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman” will raise your spirits. Given carte Blanche to run amok and extract amusing artifacts from the bins of time, Perry has arranged an exhibit built for the public not the art critic. Grayson Perry proclaims that artists of the future will be no different from artists of antiquity in their creation of the sublime to the outlandishly camp. Consider an ancient sacred helmet, he exclaims, which looks put together with sheepskin and chocolate wrappers. Fast-track over so you don’t miss his iconic Rosetta Vase or his unrivalled Coffin Ship.

British Museum Opening Hours

Opening hours for this unparalleled museum are 10 am daily at an easily accessible location on Great Russell Street between Southampton Row and Gower. Furthermore, don’t forget to visit the sister Natural History Museum which curates 70 million specimens of plants, animals, insects, minerals, and fossils. Open daily at 10 am on Cromwell Road, South Kensington.

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