British Sausage Week Rolls Out This November

Residents of Great Britain look forward every year to celebrating traditional pork sausage with a week long celebration known as British Sausage Week. This annual event observes its 16th anniversary in 2013 and has been slated this year to start on the 4th of November, winding up all festivities on the 10th.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet Sausage Week’s official celebrity ambassador, Chef Simon Rimmer, popular TV show host. Rimmer will serve as one of the judges deciding which of the many regional British sausages entered into competition deserves to be singled out so that its regional butcher should receive the highly coveted Banger Award for taste excellence.

Sausages are so popular as a food staple for the British people, that almost nine out of ten households now purchase them on a regular basis to use in their daily menus. In addition, the latest figures totaling British consumption of both traditional pork sausages and regional British sausages exceeds 190,000 tons annually.

During British Sausage Week, retail stores throughout Great Britain will be showcasing sausages in promotional events at their specific locations. This will enable families to not only sample sausage varieties they may not be familiar with, but also inspire them with new and creative ways to incorporate fresh sausages into their menu plans. Bangers and Mash has long been a staple on the table of most British subjects, accompanied by a rich thick onion gravy. In addition, there are regional events promoting the consumption of British sausage to help benefit local charities.

Promoters of British Sausage Week, which kicks off Monday, November 4th and run through Sunday the 10th, admit that there are few other foods that rival pork sausages in the estimation of the British. This annual celebration of everything sausage has proven a great way for sausage manufacturers throughout the country to introduce the public to new product offering and new recipes and serving suggestions. For a full calendar of events, check out


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