Celebrating the British Banger

Britons who love their sausage, and who doesn’t, are looking forward to the annual British Sausage Week, which this year runs from 5-11 November. Few foods are as associated with British cooking more than the British banger. It is right up there with Fish and Chips, and a beef joint.

Sausage is a worldwide delight having originated in the Middle East some 5,000 years ago and spread around the globe. Brought to Britain by the Romans during their occupations, it was deemed worthy of adoption and has been a British stable ever since. Every English county has its own idea of what makes a perfect sausage, but all agree it is the perfect comfort food.

Whether grilled outside for a family get-together in the summer or cooked inside and coupled with a comforting mash, the British sausage is an important part of the culture of the nation. Eating sausage is almost a patriotic undertaking, and consequently, who better to be the spokesperson than the “Pub Landlord” himself, Al Murray? The stand-up comic has travelled the country in his position as King of the Sizzle rallying the masses to stand up for the national treasure that is the British banger.

Just how popular are sausages to the British? Consider the following: On average, each household purchases sausages at least once per month or 12.8 times per year, and are the favourite choice for a meat-based dinner.

Interesting facts include:

  • Cumberland sausage is by tradition never split into links
  • Favourite day for sausage eating, Saturday
  • Residents of the North favour sausages with coarsely ground meat
  • In the South the preference is for smoother sausage with more finely ground meat
  • Favourite eating time, evening meal (50%)
  • Sausages contain high-quality protein, with all essential amino acids

Show your loyalty to all things British and celebrate British Sausage Week by trying a new sausage variety or a new sausage dish, but don’t forget about the old standbys. In these trying times, we need all the comfort food we can get.

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/avlxyz/

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