Bonnie Tyler at Eurovision

The Eurovision song contest is getting ready for the world stage again, and the UK entry for the 2013 song contest is being sung by the iconic rock song stress Bonnie Tyler. Let’s hope she can bring some success back to the UK after the last few disappointing entries. On 18 May 2013, Bonnie will be singing Believe in Me to an estimated 120 million viewers in Malmo, Sweden.

It’s been called song for Europe, Eurovision, and sometimes a pain to listen to, but this anachronistic singing competition has been embraced by the European community for decades. It’s Europe’s favourite guilty pleasure, featuring thirty nine countries pitching their best voices. They’ll stride onto that stage, in front of millions, and give voice to cheesy songs with catchy hooks, as they compete to pick up the prize and be the next country to host.

Some hate the song contest and can’t understand the attraction, while others truly love the little eccentricities of the contest, watching the various acts waving happily at the camera as they prepare to sing their hearts out. There’s a certain innocence and buzz of excitement to the proceedings. In fact, that same excitement can be so contagious that it doesn’t really matter if the audience understands the language that the act is singing in on that large stage. It’s fun. Sit back and listen to the beat of the music, and watch the steady stream of glitzy costumes that would normally bring instant arrest from the fashion police.

Betting odds from the Brits will be heavily on Bonnie Tyler and her raspy voice as she belts out Believe in Me, on this auspicious night in Malmo, Sweden. Coverage from the BBC will be sure to pick up every note of her Welsh lilt. This is the same singer who sang the worldwide hit Total Eclipse of the Heart back in 1983, so this should be Britain’s best chance for a victory in some years. Surely, she’ll pick up more than the dreaded “nul point,” but we’ll have to wait for the big night to be sure.

Britain needs all the help it can get, so put on your Eurovision 2013 lucky charms and switch over to BBC one on 18 May 2013 for a night of fun and silliness. Who knows, our UK entry may be celebrating a welcome victory. Go buy a bottle of champagne, just in case.

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