Christmas Party Costume Ideas

Costume parties are a great way to step out of your office wear and be something or dress in a way that you normally would not dress. A Christmas party is a great way to let loose and dress up, knowing that other work colleagues will be dressing in the same fashion. If you are short on ideas, there is no need to worry because here are several Christmas costume ideas.

Going sexy

There is nothing wrong with adorning a sexy costume when it comes time to party. Consider the sexy French babe fancy dress costume. The red beret, neck scarf, and black knee-length socks help to the pull the outfit together. Apply your favourite shade of red lipstick and your look will be complete. Or maybe the sexy Bavarian beer serving maid fancy dress costume is more your style. Add your own white knee-length socks, black shoes, and the most important prop, which is a pint glass filled with beer and your costume will be the hit of the party. Or maybe visiting the land of make believe is more your style and the queen of hearts costume is what you want to wear. You would not look stunning as one of the most powerful playing cards. The costume comes with the knee socks and the tiara. All you need is a wand and a pair of white heals, and you will be ready to cast your spells.

Fairies and tutus

Even grown women still dream of being fairies and ballerinas. The Union Jack fairy kit would be perfect. The costume comes with wings, wand, and tiara. Slip into your favourite black satin dress and you will be the prettiest fairy of them all. Tutus are one of the hottest fashion trends right now. So why not adorn the Union Jack tutu? You certainly cannot get any more patriotic than that.

Fancy dress costume

There are still many options to consider when planning your costume. Maybe the downton Abbey style costume is more your style. This costume is a throwback to the 1920s when women enjoyed dressing up every night of the week. Or go back to your more innocent days and try the St Trinians fancy dress kit. The outfit is complete with a silk skirt and the traditional school girl white blouse. If you want to stick with a patriotic theme, then consider the Union Jack corset top and a British flag skirt or dress.

Whatever the theme, you will be ready to party the night away in any of these fancy dress costumes. Whether you want to relive your school days, your dancing days as a little ballerina, or you want to go completely sexy and fun any of these costumes will make you the hit of the party.

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