Classy Hen Weekend Ideas

There are a million different ways to plan a Hen Party and it is the maid of honour’s responsibility to make sure the party suits the bride to be. If your bride doesn’t want something risqué, then planning a classy event with the girls is the way to go. Here is a selection of classy hen weekend ideas that your bride will love.

Hen Party Cottage
Instead of having a night on the town, maybe your bride prefers to have a blast indoors with her core group of friends. If this is the case then consider renting out a cottage for the weekend. Consider pairing this with a spa for a hen weekend that will never be forgotten. When it comes to cottages there is no shortage of ammonites so make sure to look at all the features. Tip: find one with a pool or hot tub depending on the season.

Champagne Brunch
What could be classier than you and your best girls dressing up and enjoying a lovely champagne brunch at a fancy restaurant? Indulge in your favourite bottle of bubbly and a delicious brunch spread.

Wine Tasting
Develop a skill that you’ll be able to use for years to come. At a wine tasting you’ll learn how to taste wine, how to pair it with dinner and dessert and you’ll even get to pick up a few bottles at a discounted price from the vineyards.

Cupcake Decoration Workshop or Chocolate Workshop
It seems as though the cupcake trend is here to stay! Learn how to bake up a delicious batch of cupcakes and decorate them like a pro. Or, if chocolate is preferred satisfy the bride’s sweet tooth while teaching her how to sculpt, taste and cook with chocolate.

River Cruise
Most river cruises include a gourmet meal and some form of entertainment. This takes almost all of the work out of planning the event. All you have to do is purchase the correct amount of tickets and get on board.

Cocktail Making
The knowledge of how to make a really great cocktail is the gift that keeps on giving, don’t you think? Learn how to pair certain liquors, shake up a great Martini or blend up a strawberry daiquiri. If you call ahead and let the school know that it’s for a hen party they’ll even help you create a signature drink for the bride and her groom.

Gourmet Cooking Class
Gourmet cooking classes are a great way to get everyone involved. The bride will also be able to impress the groom with the first meal she prepares for him.


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