“Come on England!” – England v Ukraine

Euro 2012 is in full swing, and England and Ukraine are battling it out for the quarter-finals. A loss here won’t doom England’s chances, but a win is surely desired by everyone back in home.

England vs. Ukraine

This football game is sure to see tens of thousands of Wayne Rooney fans with their faces painted with union jack flags shouting their fullest at the refs. England is the odds favourite for this match, but not by much. The odds of a win are roughly 50 percent, but a tie is also likely.

Rooney The Wonderboy

Wayne Rooney could be the decider in all this and the key battle will play out with him. After being suspended for a number of games, Rooney will finally be able to start a game. Taras Mikhalik is the one most likely to take away Rooney’s sunshine.

Win Against Ukraine

Even with a win, the Brits will have to contend with the likes of Italy and then Spain afterwards. Still there is no one alive that should count us out, and I am positive I won’t be the only one shouting, “Come on England!” before the end of the day. So good luck, and don’t bet all of your money!

Image: BigStock

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