Eurovision Song Contest

The 56th Eurovision song contest is to be held on May 10, 12 and 14, 2011 in the LTU arena in Dusseldorf. After last year’s contribution from the German interpreter Lena Meyer-Mandruth, Germany won the contest in Oslo.

Basically, five countries are directly set up for the final round. This includes the host (Germany) and the rest of the so-called “Big Five”, which are the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and France. The remaining 38 participating countries compete in one of the semi-finals on May 10 and May 12 before the finals on Saturday, May 14, 2011.

The official motto of the spectacle is “Feel your heart beat”, and it is, most certainly, going to be an exciting and rewarding night for everyone.

English Boy Band Blue Is Honoured To Represent The UK

The United Kingdom, who did not succeed in recent years in the Eurovision song contest, sends the reunited music-group “Blue” into the race. England is extremely proud to have found an act that guarantees them a fabulous performance. “Blue” are the perfect choice believe the English, and the nation is pleased that the band represents the UK at the Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, “Blue” singer Duncan James uses “Twitter” to confirm the rumours. He stated that it is true that “Blue” will sing for the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the boy-band is extremely excited and looking forward to introduce the anticipated song.

Until their separation in 2005, “Blue” sold a total of 13 million records in Europe. After the split, Simon Webbe, Antony Costa, Duncan James and Lee Ryan began solo careers. However, since their reunion, the boys wrote the song “I can” together for the Eurovision song contest.

The musicians are already excited and hope that previous fans will fancy the new tune. Well, the momentous day is almost here, and all the contestants are eager to give their best in order to honour their country.

Therefore, there is nothing left to do than to wish everyone the best of luck, and, who knows, perhaps the next Eurovision song contest will, indeed, be hosted in the UK?

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