Eurovision Song Contest

With the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals and Finals set to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan on May 22, 24 and 26th, the anticipation for the amazing event is building at a steady pace. The BBC Eurovision 2012 announcement of the UK entry winner, Engelbert Humperdinck along with the #1 spot in the final line-up going to the UK, has caused pride and excitement to kick into high gear in London.

Light Your Fire With Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Eurovision UK 2012 fever has taken over as Europe’s biggest song contest is set to begin. The 57th annual Eurovision Song Contest is shaping up to be quite a competition. With the Irish pop-duo Jedward set to represent their country, Ireland and Nina Zilli representing Italy, the stage will certainly Light Your Fire, as this year’s theme suggests. But the British entry of legendary singer Engelbert Humperdinck will be the one to watch. His chosen song “Love Will Set You Free” is sure to move not only the judges but his many fans and viewers as well.

Eurovision Favourites

That being said, the betting odds right now are in favour of a Swedish win by Looren performing Euphoria. One thing is certain; this year’s host county is already a winner. The setting for the Eurovision Contest 2012 is in beautiful Baku, Azerbaijan. The Republic of Azerbaijan is rich in history and wildlife. It is also well known for its splendid carpets and deep musical traditions, making it the perfect place to host this year’s song contest.

One of the best things about the contest is the genuine good feelings created amongst the participants and their respective countries. The Eurovision Song Contest allows some of Europe’s biggest and brightest stars of the moment to shine and highlight the talents of some amazing song writers. At the end of the day everyone benefits from being able to share in such an exciting event.

Who do you think will walk away with the win?

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