Have Fun While Helping Children In Need

Everyone who has it in his heart to help needy children in the next one year can do it through the BBC’s Children in Need 2013. Helping needy children is a great virtue and there are many ways through which someone can do that. It is even possible to do something charitable while still having fun and doing things that you like. That can be done even while shopping for interesting things like charms, T-shirts, key rings and coffee mugs. The Charity can be fun and very productive because anything available, be it money, talent, art and the presence of hands can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Anyone in the world can become a hero fundraiser today

The myth that someone has to be a billionaire to give and make a difference has been busted. Today, even wearing a Pudsey bear T-shirt can make a big difference. All the funds that are spent on anything with a pudsey bear logo will go into supporting a campaign that will fund many other programs that are meant for putting a smile on that needy child’s face. Everyone who has a branded mug can feel satisfied every time he looks at it because he knows that he did not just buy a mug but he bought one that has a special logo which meant that many other people out there are satisfied.

Every year, there is always a creative way to participate

One example was the BBC ‘BearFaced’ day, where a number of volunteers and celebrities teamed up to have a day of no make-up on. People are still allowed to participate in it by making many other smaller events with the same theme through universities or elementary schools. There will be sponsorship forms supplied so that some money can be raised to support the children. Proceeds from these events are distributed by BBC and that is why people can be certain that the funds will finally go through official channels where there will be proper usage of funds. Even the t-shirts and mugs are considered official merchandise.

Every now and then, new methods for fundraising will come up but there will always be a Pudsey logo and often, a British union jack flag. The shop and raise cash program is still running and people can always get real-time news about it on the official website. The downloadable Apps will give participants and interested parties an up to date message on their desktops.

image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vincealongi/

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