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The Great British Bake Off, the popular reality show on BBC 2 is down to the final three contestants of series 3. This baking competition show has been on the BBC 2 since 2010. The show, hosted by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, gives an overview of the history of British baking, while introducing a competitive element.

Series 3 began on Tuesday 14th August 2012. Twelve amateur bakers were chosen to compete in the bake off, with one baker being eliminated every week. Filmed on the beautiful backdrop of Harptree Court in Somerset, these twelve contestants have gone home one by one, leaving three; Brendan Lynch, James Morton and John Whaite.


Brendan Lynch started out the season with an upside-down cake which was fantastic in both flavour and design. He has had a few slip-ups in the series like the unexpected sticking of his rum baba dough to the proving cloth. However, he has rarely disappointed.


James Morton is known for his risky recipes, and pushing his bake time up until the last minute. Although he has been successful in the technical challenges, his personal bakes have left something to be desired. James’ trademark of taking risks has worked in his favor when attempting a sourdough bread or puff pastry, which are notoriously difficult and time-consuming.


Combining saffron, almond and cherry in his most memorable pastries, John Whaite has made a name for himself as a patisserie. Many times throughout the series he has doubted his baking, only to have the judges praise it later. The audience saw amazing talent with his fruit tart and American pie. If he can show the same talent with a dash of confidence, John Whaite might give the other contestants a run for their money.

The Great British Wedding Cake

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, two popular judges from the series can now be seen on The Great British Wedding Cake. Unlike the British bake off, this one-off feature’s contestants who are given 16 hours to bake and decorate a wedding cake. This one off also talks about the history of British wedding cakes from the Tudors and Victorians, all the way to present day. This historical tour includes techniques as well as ingredient changes.

British Bake Off will be airing its final episode Tuesday 16 October. The final contestants will compete in their biggest challenge yet.

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