Jubilee Party Ideas for Street Parties

Queen Elizabeth II has been and will be celebrating her Diamond Jubilee throughout the entire 2012 year. This is a once in a lifetime celebration for Her Majesty, the British Empire, and the world at large. Not every monarch reigns for 60 years, with the last such celebration being 115 years ago.

Diamond Jubilee Party Ideas

This exceptional occasion of pomp and circumstance, celebratory events, and common citizen festivities is a breath of good cheer in a time when worries of world economic troubles abound. The esprit de corps between dignitaries and the common population is a welcome and happy occurrence. Hundreds of towns, villages, and townships are abuzz with the planning of various Diamond Jubilee party ideas. This joyous occasion has become a bonanza for manufacturers and distributors of jubilee party supplies, jubilee party decorations, jubilee party packs, jubilee party games, jubilee party food, and diamond jubilee bunting.

People have become especially creative with their crafts, designs, and recipes for this monumental celebration. Neighbourhoods are enthusiastic with their tributes to Her Majesty by renaming streets and building in her honour, decorating homes, buildings and shop windows with the UK’s Diamond Jubilee logo and Diamond Jubilee bunting which incorporates the Union Jack and portraits of the Queen. Governments are minting new QEII stamps and commemorative coins.

Union Jack Flag Flying High

Regardless of how the people decide to embrace the special long weekend of 2-5 June 2012, one thing will not be a surprise or a mystery, the over whelming appearance of the Union Jack and the colours red, white and blue. Jubilee party decorations include items such as Union Jack bowlers and boaters, tea towels, banners and poppers. Jubilee party packs and party supplies have complete packages to fully cover tables and chairs as well as provide the eating utensils, plates, cups, and napkins for cold and hot entrees, liquids, and desserts. There is even an elegant Union Jack cup cake tree.

Street Part Food

Jubilee party food main dishes can be a cooperative put together by having each person attending to bring a dish to share. Everyone has a special or secret recipe they love to show off but don’t want to tell those special secret ingredients. The sweets end of the table can be as simple as vanilla cup cakes with red, white and blue icing or as elaborate as cheesecake with red and blue berry toppings or lemon pavlova and all sweets in between.

Party Games for the whole Street

Jubilee party games also run the gambit from three-legged sack races and capture the flag to treasure hunts and street ball for the younger set. Seniors can enjoy table games to include pencil quizzes, card tricks, and face painting on the youngsters. Those in between can join young and old games, attend in royal costumes or organise the games. There is a need and a place for everyone. Jubilee party supplies make the set up for street parties super easy; whether it is a private closed street function or a larger community affair that encompasses several streets or a local park.

Camaraderie does not end with organising and having the party, the cooperation continues into the clean up phase as well. It is a wonderful feeling when there is a central unified reason for celebration that covers everything from start to finish. And this time, this year, it is the extraordinary occasion of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Become a Piece of History

The memories, photos, and stories will be shared and retold many times to many future generations about the fabulous adventures experienced. No matter how old this year’s participants live to be, they will always remember where they were and what they did during the jubilee weekend of 2-5 June 2012.

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