Rod Stewart Book Review

Rod Stewart is an icon in the history of our music, and part of the reason for that is because of his distinctive look, wild antics and colourful life. Rod: The Autobiography; is his story in his words.

Describing things as he seen them throughout his life and career. It tells the story of his concerts behind the scenes, life in the studio, his marriages and relationships, which were much in the public eye, if only because there were so many relationships, many with supermodels, and his day to day life in general.

Overall it is a good, in depth story to learn about the person behind the legend in this autobiography. This book is written with a sort of self-deprecating humour, describing his life and times, from the descriptions of his birth, to the pinnacle of his rock career and beyond, this legend has written a worthwhile tale.

It starts out describing his birth, in a time when the world is in chaos, due to it being the middle of World War II, to being a gravedigger for a while, to go on to describe how he managed to climb the ranks in the music world. Eventually going on to talk about his marriages and home life. He’s almost as known for his marriages and liaisons with women as he is for his music, having been in several serious relationships and having eight children along the way.

This autobiography covers a lot of the background of his tumultuous life and relationships. Including the births of his eight children, with several different women. From winning a Grammy Award to being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the UK Music Hall of Fame, Rod Stewart has lived a very full life with a very lucrative career, and this autobiography gives you the background details that go with the legend.

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