Royal Wedding Countdown

The world has had front row seats inside the lives of Prince William and Kate Middleton ever since the announcement of their engagement a few months back. We know that Prince William proposed using his late mother Diana’s engagement ring. We know that they have dated for several years and the first time he saw her was on a runway at a charity event wearing a see through gown.

We are just days away from the Royal Wedding and there are many details, are you in the loop? Here is a fast track way to get up to speed on the sparkly toothed royals.

Will There or Won’t There be a Kiss After the I Do’s

There has been a ton of speculation over whether Prince William will indeed kiss his new bride at the end of the ceremony, the answer is no. Reverend Dr. John Hall the dean of Westminster Abbey, where the nuptials are to take place addressed the issue. He was quoted as saying, “You may kiss the bride is a Hollywood thing and does not happen in their church”. Even during the wedding of Prince Charles to Princess Diana in 1981, such kiss did not occur happen. Don’t feel cheated there will be a smooch but not until 1:25 pm on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. The marital pucker is planned out to the last detail, the couple has even been practicing.

Who Will Be Attending

There are actually three parts to the Royal Wedding and as each plays out less and less guests will appear. It will start out of course at Westminster Abbey with a total of 1,900 spectators. After the Ceremony a total of 650 attendees will have lunch at Buckingham palace, given by The Queen. The third and final portion will be a dinner hosted by Prince Charles in the palace with a total of 300 party goers. The endless list of players range from commoners like Miss Middleton’s butcher to celebrities like Sir Elton John. Other luckily patrons include, David and Victoria Beckham, Guy Ritchie, The King and Queen of Norway and Sir John Major.

Where Will they Honeymoon

Kate Middleton sparked some honeymoon gossip when she was seen purchasing warm weather clothes last week.
It is rumoured that the handsome couple may be spending their honeymoon on Lizard Island. It is one of a chain of islands off The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Both Prince William and Miss Middleton are known sun worshipers and are most likely to apt for an exotic hot spot. We will have to stay tuned to know for sure. Until then we wish the best for this sweet pair and can’t wait to see them work as a team.

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photo credit: kevinofsydney

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