What Simon Cowell Never Told You About Britains Got Talent Auditions

When you turn to ITV to watch Britains Got Talent, you need to remember that you do not see all that happens behind the scenes on the show. The show is a flurry of Union Jack flags, Union Jack bunting, talent, judges and celebrities. You will never have a chance to see all that happens, but you need to know what you are missing during the audition.

The Auditions
The auditions that happen on the shows happen in the hundreds. You will notice that the auditions do not happen in the order that the happen on the day, and you will notice that there are many more people watching in the audience than you will see on the show. You must remember that they show you only the best, the worst and the best stories. If people are in the middle of the pack, you will not see them on the show. This is why you miss seeing people you know if they are not all that compelling.

The Judges
Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon sit down to watch the acts perform, but they have to deliberate on many of the acts. You do not see the producers working with the judges on certain acts. The judging panel is given information that allows them to question contestants, and they have to work with the producers to put certain people on the show. The decisions are not as instant as you think they are.

The Help
There are many times when people are kicked off the show because they do not make the cut, but there are many times when the panel will work with them behind the scenes. Simon Cowell might come off as bad-tempered, but he is interested in talent in all fields. You might see any of the people on the panel talking to contestants and giving them assistance with their careers. There are many acts that return in the future more prepared because of the time they spent with the panel after they perform.

You never hear these things because they simply cannot get them all on television. The show is a great place for people to make it big, but much more goes on behind the scenes than you realise.

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