Step inside Union Jack Wear

Union Jack Wear is a rapidly growing online enterprise that designs and sells specialty Union Jack products including custom-made clothing and other patriotic themed items all designed in order to help you celebrate Britishness.

Over eight years, Keighley entrepreneur Graham Johnson has expanded his business from a small hobby into Britain’s Favourite Union Jack Store. Union Jack Wear was born one day when a cousin of Johnson’s in America asked him to send over some Union Jack products. Dealing in patriotic items then became a recreational pastime for Johnson; he started out with more typical items like t-shirts and flags, but soon he expanded his business into the leading company it is today, offering an impressive range of creative patriotic items. What makes Johnson’s company unique is that he meets his customer’s specific requests with custom-made products according to their wants and needs.

Any Union Jack product you could possibly dream up, Graham Johnson has it! From Union Jack toilet seats to cufflinks to duvets, Britain’s Favourite Union Jack Store has already made it and is ready to take your order. Johnson also offers custom-made clothing so you can celebrate Britishness in your choice of endless well-tailored Union Jack outfits fit for any occasion.

Graham Johnson has seen an even bigger boom in business with the excitement of the recent royal wedding. The Keighley entrepreneur was there to meet the public’s needs with a release of royal wedding themed patriotic items. Johnson created products specifically requested by customers wanting to throw their own royal wedding themed parties, including bunting, tea towels and mugs. Johnson has been a fan of the royal family since he was a young boy, so the opportunity to create commemorative products for an excited public has proven to him that running this company truly is a dream job.

This Keighley entrepreneur works hard at what he loves best, creating unique Union Jack products that truly capture the spirit and excitement of his country. Union Jack Wear is here to provide you with every opportunity to celebrate Britishness in your daily life. Come and see why this truly is Britain’s Favourite Union Jack Store.

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