How to make Union Jack cookies

Hello and welcome to Hobbycraft, the home of good ideas. My name is Hannah and today we’re going to go Rule, Britannia all the way with these gorgeous Union Jack Cookies.

So to begin with what you need to do is make up your favourite cookie recipe. My favourite one is this Almond All-Butter Shortbread recipe which you can download from the Hobbycraft website. When you roll the cookies out to bake them, I need you to cut them into these rectangle flag shape. So they’re about six centimeters by about nine centimeters in diameter.

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So what we do is we grab one of our cookies, place on that and we go on to the website again and we need to download the patterns for the actual Union Jack design. So what I’ve done here is I’ve drawn them out on to bit of mount board and then what you need to do is cut those out. So we got the rectangles, the white background, we’ve got the middle section for the blue background and then the cross for the red interior. So I’ve cut those out here as you can see.

So first of all we’re going to start with the white background. So what we need to do is dust a board, the reason why we’re not going straight on to work services, because they might stain in them and we don’t want to mix up the colour. So we dust the board with some icing sugar and then we roll out our white background. So it’s best to cut all the white backgrounds at the same time. I’m just going to do one for now just to demonstrate it for you.

So you need to roll it to about two millimeters each and then we place our little template over the top. And I’ve got already sharp knife here, I’m just going to cut around the edge to cut our shape. I just take away the excess there. I’m using a palette knife to just pick that up and we place our cookie on that. And what you need to do is you need to paint the back of your icing with a little bit of water and a very clean paint brush here and then we need to just place that over the top of our cookie like so. And you can see sections there where it’s kind of coming over, but you can just cut those off just to neaten them up.

You need to now do the next step which is the blue layer. So we need to roll out our icing again, it’s a bit like playing toe, the slicing, it’s really fun to work with, so again to about two millimeters. Now this is a more complicated layer, so take your time with it. So we lay our pattern piece over top and first of all we need to cut around the rectangle shape with our sharp knife. Take away the blue excess and then we need to cut, you see these little sections, we need to cut these sections out, these little triangles that we need. So you just need to be very careful with those. It’s all better to cut this out on a chopping board, because you can move the board around instead of moving the icing around and misplacing it.

So we just cut all those little triangles out. Okay, now I’ve cut them all out. What I then do is I take the template and I place it over the top of the white. It’s a bit like a puzzle. We’re going to fit in the pieces again using this template as a guide. So what we do is we take our pieces, paint them again with water and just pop them in between the gaps. So here is one of the blue diadem, so the next layer is the red layer. So we need the cross in the middle and a little bit seed aside. So we just need to roll out already roll saying to again about two or three millimeters thick and then we lay out across over the top. Take of the excess again, just push that down a little bit. I just gave them a little bit of a pressing around the corners.

So as before, we need to just paint the back of him with some water that acts as glue and then we take our cookie and we just lay in over the middle like so. And what you want to do is give a little bit of space around the edges, so there is a bit of white around the edges between the blue and the red. So once you blade across them, you need to cut your icing into strips as far as its being rolled out and just cut them in the angle and again we just need to glue these on. So a bit of water down the side and we just glue those in between those spaces, just there and the last one to go, I just pop them on. Now we’re almost there. You can see Union Jack beginning to form. What we need to do now is we just need to trim away gently those overhangs and then we can see our peaceful Union Jack.

Now to get rid of some of this icing sugar just run your paint brush over the top just to wipe it off. You can see the glossy colours underneath which are really, really gorgeous. And that is my recipe for Union Jack Cookie, perfect with a nice cup of tea.


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