Armed Forces Day Party

Armed Forces Day was first held in the United Kingdom in 2009, it followed the first Veterans Day which was recognised in 2006. This day was created to honour the men and woman serving the UK Armed Forces who have and continue to serve their country. It was put into place after reports in 2008 told stories of airmen being unable to wear their uniforms in public due to abuse from citizens regarding things that had occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This year, the National Event will be held in Cardiff, here you will be able to learn all about the Army, the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy. You will even be able to have the chance to meet some of these brave men. This is just one of the evens that will be held honouring Armed Forces Day. What better way to show your support for the Armed forces, than to have your own Armed Forces Party? Many people all over the nation will be celebrating by having parties, what will you do?

It does not need to be a big over done Party; a simple Armed Forces Party will probably be the best one around. You could have a few friends over for a BBQ. Or you can have a party or possibly a picnic. You can decorate your garden by hanging up the beloved British flag and Union Jack bunting. Then string plenty of red, white and blue helium balloons everywhere, tie them to the back of chairs or to the trees. At the end of the party the kids can take them home with them. You can have red, white and blue confetti, and candles to decorate your tables. The food you serve at your Armed forces Day party can be simple, as long as there is enough to go around.

If you have any friends or family members that have loved ones that are in the Armed Forces, make sure to extend the invitation to them. They would really appreciate the fact that someone is thinking about them. A little kindness goes a long way, and that is one of the reasons that this day is so important. It is to honour all members of the Armed Forces from its cadets to retired officers and all of the extended family members in the middle.

These brave soldiers are putting their lives on the line every day to protect ours, they deserve all of the respect we can give them.

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