Who Puts the Pride into Britain?

From Union Jack suits to Union Jack evening dresses, the Pride of Britain Awards inspires the most patriotic among us. Celebrities take a back seat to some truly remarkable individuals from all walks of life. Young and old, these people put most of us to shame with their courage and bravery. Stories of amazing selflessness and kindness, mixed with heart rending tragedy and suffering, make for one of the most humbling nights.

This Autumn, comes the Twelfth annual Pride of Britain Awards. A very special awards ceremony dedicated to recognizing those special people among us. Dedication and courage are the order of the night, people that have gone that extra mile to overcome adversity or shown true heroism, with no thought for themselves. These people are truly amazing and deserve the honour bestowed upon them. It is a star studded evening where ordinary people are the stars and celebrities are just the audience. Watching the ceremony for many years now, I have often seen celebrities reduced to tears at the sheer heartbreak presented to them.

Union Jack Fashion:
Past years have seen designers going Union Jack mad, creating a Union Jack Suit, for presenter Jonathon Ross, Union Jack Evening Dress and Union Jack Clutch Bag. The Award medal winners have been sporting classic Union Jack T Shirts when accepting there awards. The evening is truly dedicated to showing how proud we are of these people who think nothing of themselves.

There is never a dry eye in my house, I doubt anyone who watches is not moved to tears. Celebrities from all walks of life come out to support and give their time, to this so special a night. The beauty of the night, though, remains in the sense of pride everyone has to be British. This one night, truly does see the Union Jack flying high. Whether it is the classic Union Jack T Shirt, Union Jack Clutch Bag or that Union Jack Suit, Britain is proud to stand up and get noticed. The people being honoured truly are the pride of Britain, and Britain isn’t ashamed to show how much pride we have in them.

Celebrity reactions:
Watching the Awards has always made me feel quite humble. People of all ages have done so many great things, things I would never think about doing. From raising money for hospitals and charities to saving strangers lives, these people are selfless. Young children who have saved parents or loved ones lives with their cool actions and quick thinking. Adults who have beaten the most horrendous of tragedy, to then come through, and give back more of themselves.

Stars who turn up on the night, are often heard admitting what a humbling experience they have just been a part of. Prince Charles was quoted as saying “The Pride of Britain awards remind us of the compassion, decency, and courage which still exists in every corner of the land.” Diana Ross was so humbled she cried, saying after the ceremony; “I don’t mind admitting that I cried. I defy anyone not to. The courage and bravery of these people – especially the children – was humbling. I consider it a privilege to have witnessed it all. It was a room filled with people who had put themselves out to help others. It was one of the most emotional things I’ve ever witnessed.”

The Award Medal winners, often get the chance to have their medal presented by their favourite celebrity, making them double winners. One of the things I have always admired is the total feeling of humility the presenters show to the winners. For once they are happy to let somebody else out shine them. Just looking at the categories you know there are going to be some amazing stories year after year.

Categories include:-

* Outstanding Bravery
* Child or Teenager of Courage
* Young Fundraiser of the year
* Neighbour of the year
* Daybreak Emergency Services
* Teacher of the year
* Fundraiser of the year
* Lifetime Achievement
* Special Recognition

Nominations are made by the general public and decided on by a judging panel, made up of different people from all walks of life. Judging something like this must be the hardest thing. I would not want the job. To decide one person is more deserving than another, knowing the other person is just as deserving, must make for some very heated discussions on the judging panel. How they decide is beyond me, but I am glad they do.

Every Award winner is deserving in their own right. Stories of hope, tragedy, adversity, courage and kindness, combine to bring a nation together. Left up to me, I would have every woman in a Union Jack evening dress, every man in a Union Jack suit, every Award medal winner in the classic Union Jack T Shirt, with Union Jack table cloths and Union Jack napkins for good measure. The Pride of Britain Award winners all deserve to be celebrated for their achievements and courage, after all they make a proud nation even prouder for one very special night.

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