Pope visits Britain

The Pope’s visit to England comes exactly one year after Pope Benedict XVI proposal to the Church of England to return to the Roman Catholic Church. To show the Pope’s willingness to accept the Anglican Churches traditions which include married clergy, the Pope agreed to allow the Anglican Church to keep that tradition which is decidedly different from traditional Roman Catholic qualifications for the priesthood.

To show appreciation for the Pope’s understanding of Anglican ways, you can announce to the Pope your English heritage by wearing a Union Jack Blanket while greeting the Pope from the crowd and wave a Union Jack Hand Flag . The gesture of union of English traditions with the Papal visit will surely not be missed by the Pope. Plus, keeping yourself warm and comfortable with a Rectangular Bunting displaying the Union Jack flag of England, you can show your appreciation for the Pope’s magnanimous decision.

The cool September weather in England with greet Pope Benedict’s visit on Thursday, his first visit to the United Kingdom. Although there has been some tension about his visit following his proposal by the Anglican Church, waving the Union Jack Hand Flag or draped in a Rectangular Bunting or a Union Jack Blanket , will show loyalty to England while cheering the Pope as he makes his way through the crowds. Pope Benedict’s visit is expected to last four days and includes an official visit with Queen Elizabeth II in the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.
An interfaith meeting service will be held on Friday in London with a special outdoor interfaith Mass on Sunday in Birmingham.

The last papal visit was from Pope John Paul II’s pastoral stay in England in 1982. Pope John Paul visited England as well as Wales. The latest papal visit on Thursday can be a celebration of English traditions proudly displayed by the crowd waving The Union Jack Hand Flag or comfortably wrapped in a Union Jack Blanket .

The obvious significance of this from people attending the arrival of the Pope are:

  • The Pope’s acceptance of Anglican clergy as married
  • The Flag of England as part of the English heritage
  • The show of support from the crowd by English citizens proud of their country as well as appreciative of the Pope
  • The papal visit on Thursday will be met with some resistance by the Anglican Church hierarchy which values its place as the fourth largest church in the world. The resistance is obviously due to the Pope’s proposal.

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