The History of Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are a type of short trousers. They are designed with several inches more length than standard shorts, ending at just above the knee. Depending on the material and style of the shorts, they are worn as either casual or semi-casual attire.

In 2015, people are so accustomed to “shorts” as a form of attire that many people forget that “shorts” originated as short trousers, worn by British boys prior to “coming of age” and progressing to full trousers.

With that in mind, you might wonder, where do Bermuda shorts come from and how did they become attire for adult males?

Although they are now part of everyday street wear, in the late 19th century, British military officers found the climate of the Atlantic islands too hot and humid. As a result, they were granted permission to cut the lower legs off their trousers.

This style was soon adopted by the locals, and adapted into semi-casual and business wear. Today this fashion that began as mens shorts are worn by people of all social and economic standings – such as business men and women, law enforcement personnel, judges, people attending school and college, even grooms on their wedding day.

While the military stuck to the military khaki colour, the islanders adapted the style to their traditional bright colours, such as pink, yellow, blue, and lime green. This is still the fashion today, however, most Europeans find this to be garish and ugly.

You might be wondering, since they were created such a long time ago, are Bermuda shorts in style today, and do Bermuda shorts look good?

The answer to that is, absolutely!

Today, they come in a wide variety of flattering materials, both subdued and bright fun colours and even patterns ranging from classic and casual to fun and bold. One of the most popular fun, causal pieces is the Union Jack pattern.

With all these various business and casual styles, materials and patterns, a person could be tempted to ask, can I wear Bermuda shorts to work?

That all depends on your employer, and where you work. Bermuda shorts are indeed used in many businesses as part of the uniform. One well known parcel delivery service, known for their brown vans and uniforms, has used Bermuda shorts as part of their company uniform for decades.

Ask your boss, you might get a surprise and be told yes!

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