Make Your Own Vuvuzela

The sound of the Vuvuzela, now made famous by the ongoing 2010 World Cup is the must have item for football supporters this summer. As fun as the Vuvuzela is, there have been complaints that it is too loud, too distracting for players and commentators alike and an overall nuisance. So much so that FIFA had a meeting about it, and ruled in favour of the African Horn.

Love it or hate it, it is definitely a unique yet fascinating instrument.


The traditional Vuvuzela was made of tin, but as its popularity rose, it began being made of plastic. This instrument demands a considerate amount of lung power from the blower and it does take some practice to master its use. It is easy to create your own Vuvuzela with a few items easily found around the home.


When anyone visits South Africa, known to the natives as ‘Mzantsi’ it is too hard to ignore the diverse culture of this country whose dark past does not stop it from being one of the most economically and culturally advanced nations in Africa. When anyone attends any sports match, be it cricket, rugby, or football, a distinct sound echoes from the crowd as they cheer their favourite teams on.

What you’ll need to make your own Vuvuzela

  • piece of hosepipe
  • a big plastic drinks bottle
  • a sharp pair of scissors
  • some duct tape

How to put it together

  1. First, clean out both the pipe and the bottle to ensure hygiene.
  2. Then proceed to cut out the bottom out of the bottle, about 3 inches should do.
  3. At this point, insert the hosepipe into the neck of the bottle and proceed to secure it with the duct tape. This is to ensure that all the air blown into your ‘new’ Vuvuzela goes out the open end of the bottle. Be sure to choose a length of pipe that will be comfortable to hold, which should range between 30 and 60 centimetres.

Customising your Vuvuzela

Everyone knows that part of the beauty that is the Vuvuzela is the colours and decorations on its exterior. It is at this point that you can paint and decorate your Vuvuzela as you please, be it with the colours of your favourite team, a better half’s name or any other creative ideas that may come to mind.

Once it is fully dried, then put on that England t-shirt and practice blowing into the Vuvuzela.

Warning! Be sure to enjoy it in an environment that people will not mind its sound!

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