Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 2010

There is the Australian Open, Monty Carlo, French Open, and then there is Wimbledon. While each tournament has its own significance, Wimbledon stands alone in its prestige. This is the one place in tennis where anything could happen. The epic 2008 final showdown match between Nadal and Federer lasted for over five hours. Therefore, you need to be prepared if history is to repeat itself. Here are some of the essentials preparations for watching tennis at Wimbledon, including some staple essentials, like a Union Jack hand flag, for showing your British pride.

Essential Protection
As all Brits know, when it’s not raining, or just really cloudy, it can actually get kind of hot outdoors. This is especially true if you are sitting in Centre Court with one thousand or so fellow tennis fans cheering on Andy Murray. For that reason, it is probably a good idea to protect yourself from the sun. Your best bet would be put on sun block before you get there. But for further, and more amusing, protection you should wear an umbrella hat with the British flag on the top. Umbrella hats do an excellent job of keeping the sun off of you face and shoulders. Speaking of the weather, Wimbledon is infamous for rain delays. Accordingly, another great idea would be to bring a full umbrella, specifically a Union Jack umbrella (to match the umbrella hat). One more essential would be to bring water. Rain or shine, you will need to stay hydrated.

Essential Fun
While watching the matches will keep you pretty busy, you may not be watch a match the entire time you will be sat, for instance if there is a rain delay (in which case you would already have you Union Jack umbrella handy) or if you’re waiting for the match to start. For these moments of tennislessness, it would be a great idea to bring a small book or a puzzle to do while you’re waiting. Once the match has started, be sure to bring along a British hand flag to wave. Hand flags are also great for creating a nice breeze in the 28 degree heat. The last but not least essential you will need to bring is a camera to document your Wimbledon experience.

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