Only Fools and Horses – We Salute You !

Only Fools and Horses is set in Peckham in London, England. It follows the crazy business dealings of the Trotter brothers and their grandad for several series in the 80s. After the actor who played grandad, Lennard Pearce, died in 1984, he was replaced by Buster Merryfield who joined the cast as his long-lost brother, Uncle Albert. Viewers would join Del Boy and Rodney Trotter, and their continuous string of insane attempts to get rich by buying and selling damaged merchandise. Their entrepreneurial escapades will put them into contact with other colourful characters such as their friend and primary business competitor, Boycie, Del’s best friend – Trigger and Del’s girlfriend or “significant other,” Raquel.

This show is in the top tier of British comedy, having won wild acclaim by both faithful viewers and adoring critics alike. The show aired seven series from 1981 to 1991, rising to become one of the all-time most popular British shows. Its periodic Christmas specials that would air until 2003 were also very well received. In fact, its 1996 special still holds the record for most viewers for a British sitcom episode. It was called “Time on Our Hands” and featured the brothers finally attaining their dream of becoming millionaires.

Only Fools and Horses has some of the best and most memorable scenes anywhere. These are scenes that bear multiple repeat viewings and never get boring. These scenes were masterminded by famed writer, John Sullivan, who wrote all 64 episodes. In the process, he created several popular catchphrases, most notably “lovely jubbly.” Join the brothers are they encounter a whole host of situations like trying to pawn blow-up sex toys or attending a costume party as Batman and Robin. This second episode is especially loved. It features the brothers accidentally saving the city in various ways after their car breaks down on the way to the party, finally getting to the party only to find that the host has died.

It is considered a classic episode among fans. Join the cast as they live some of the most comedic-and occasionally dramatic-in British sitcom history. Live the years of joy already loved and cherished by millions the world over. Long live the greatest comedy ever! Hail the Union Jack!

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