Did Churchill Invent the Union Jack Onesie?

History of the Union Jack Onesie There are many people who enjoy lounging around in a comfy cosy onesie. They are great for women, for men, for kids and babies. It wasn’t always that way, as the onesie was once called a siren suit. The siren suit was a loose-fitting garment that had a zip closure. Even back in the 1930’s the siren suit had a panel at the back so that wearers could use the restroom easily. The suits were perfect for wearing when trying to find shelter during... Read More

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Best Tablets for Kids

Tesco Hudl For the low-cost of £60.00 with clubcard vouchers, it could be yours and without the clubcard vouchers this it will cost £119. It comes with a 7 inch high quality LCD panel with 1140×900 screen resolution that has 242 ppi. The Hudl is available in multiple colour options of black, blue, red and purple. It makes a great gift for children because of its durable construction and with its soft to the touch plastic casing. When purchased it initially has 16 GB but can easily hold up to... Read More