Union Jacks Restaurant : From Flat Bread to Fish Pie

His speciality is Italian cooking, but his aim is a better diet for everyone in the United Kingdom and the United States. He is English chef Jamie Oliver and his latest cooking venture, in partnership with U.K. design agency Blacksheep, is the chain of Union Jacks restaurants that have opened in both countries. These eateries present well-known foods in a new-fangled way. As an example, a favourite on the menu is flat breads – just don’t call it pizza – cooked on a wood fire. The toppings are both mouth... Read More

Union Jack Guitar & British Rock Stars

Rock ‘n roll has played a significant role in American society and pop culture. Its roots come from blues playing musicians such as Willie Dixon and Buddy Guy, who gave the music soul and rhythm. It has also been influenced by people that were born across the pond in Britain. Def Leppard, Oasis, The Who and The Beatles have members who originated in England. British rock stars and music from these musicians are some of the most popular in the history of rock. Recognising where music comes from is an... Read More

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Easy Mince Pie Recipe

Mince Pies for a Traditional English Christmas Treat An original mince pies recipe includes tons of religious significance. The popular British Christmas dish originally included 13 ingredients but simplified versions show cooks how to make the dish in less than an hour. An elaborate version by Chef Jamie Oliver combines filo dough and puff pastry for an airy texture while Nigella Lawson uses a simple family recipe consisting of five basic ingredients. Delia Smith creates truly decadent eats by incorporating lard and butter into the pastry dough. What is Mincemeat?... Read More

Wishes do Come True in this Year’s Pantomimes 2012

It is Christmas, and that can only mean it is time for the Pantomimes 2012 season! This season proves to be a sensation panto season with favourites such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Aladdin and Peter Pan. Sleeping Beauty – York Sleeping Beauty returns to the Grand Opera House in York to fall asleep once more and awaken with a kiss from her handsome Prince Charming. It has been a long time since York’s favourite fairytale graced the stage at the Opera House, but fear not…she will be here for all... Read More

Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals: Exciting, Modern, and Delicious!

Jamie Oliver’s newest book, “Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals” is full of nutritious, delectable recipes designed for the modern man or woman. His cookery book teaches every busy adult that delicious food can be made on a budget and in only fifteen minutes. In a way, Jamie Oliver introduced his secret vault of recipes and an exciting new way to do it all. Jamie Oliver’s cookery book is an answer to every busy adult’s need for lovely, fresh meals that are worthy of feeding family and friends, and in a surprising fifteen... Read More

Rod Stewart Book Review

Rod Stewart is an icon in the history of our music, and part of the reason for that is because of his distinctive look, wild antics and colourful life. Rod: The Autobiography; is his story in his words. Describing things as he seen them throughout his life and career. It tells the story of his concerts behind the scenes, life in the studio, his marriages and relationships, which were much in the public eye, if only because there were so many relationships, many with supermodels, and his day to day... Read More


Pick n Mix Sweets Online

Whether you are out to treat yourself or to purchase a gift for someone else you can’t go wrong by buying sweets online. AQuarterOf has something for everyone who loves sweets. If you are shopping for a gift, you can purchase sweet hampers, which are an especially nice choice because they have all the sweets in a perfectly quaint package ready for giving. Maybe you are looking for love hearts sweet for that special someone. Retro Sweets to take you back to childhood If you are purchasing a gift for... Read More

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BBC 2012 Children In Need

Since the first telethon in 1980, the BBC has proudly enjoyed more than 30 years of raising much needed public donations for the United Kingdom’s Children in Need. On 16 November, miracles will once again occur as an exciting assortment of acts in entertainment take to the stage for this important charity telethon. This year’s Children in Need Appeal 2012 takes place on 16 November and will again include longtime heartwarming host Sir Terry Wogan. Sir Terry Wogan welcomes an outstanding variety of celebrities as well as popular singers and... Read More

Girls Aloud tour again

Girls Aloud have just announced a concert tour. This 12-date trek will open with two February 21 and 22 performances in Cheryl Cole’s hometown of Newcastle upon Tyne. The string of shows will also coincide with the act’s latest single, “Something New,” which is out on November 18. The new single can also be found on the group’s ‘best of’ album, titled Ten, and is also the official charity single for Children in Need. Along with Cole, Girls Aloud is comprised of Sarah Harding, Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola... Read More


Celebrating the British Banger

Britons who love their sausage, and who doesn’t, are looking forward to the annual British Sausage Week, which this year runs from 5-11 November. Few foods are as associated with British cooking more than the British banger. It is right up there with Fish and Chips, and a beef joint. Sausage is a worldwide delight having originated in the Middle East some 5,000 years ago and spread around the globe. Brought to Britain by the Romans during their occupations, it was deemed worthy of adoption and has been a British... Read More