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Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 2010

There is the Australian Open, Monty Carlo, French Open, and then there is Wimbledon. While each tournament has its own significance, Wimbledon stands alone in its prestige. This is the one place in tennis where anything could happen. The epic 2008 final showdown match between Nadal and Federer lasted for over five hours. Therefore, you need to be prepared if history is to repeat itself. Here are some of the essentials preparations for watching tennis at Wimbledon, including some staple essentials, like a Union Jack hand flag, for showing your... Read More

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Armed Forces Day Party

Armed Forces Day was first held in the United Kingdom in 2009, it followed the first Veterans Day which was recognised in 2006. This day was created to honour the men and woman serving the UK Armed Forces who have and continue to serve their country. It was put into place after reports in 2008 told stories of airmen being unable to wear their uniforms in public due to abuse from citizens regarding things that had occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan. This year, the National Event will be held in... Read More

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World Cup Face Painting Ideas

There is nothing better to do than relax with the family and catch a world cup game on the television to get everyone together to enjoy a nice day of competitive sports. Another way to take the excitement to the next level is to get the kids more involved with their favourite teams and players. A good one to prepare them for a nice day of watching the world cup is to help them paint their faces and turn it into a family arts and crafts activity. Whether you are... Read More

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Armed Forces Day

This 27 June 2010 marks the second anniversary of Armed Forces Day in the United Kingdom. Prior to 2009, this historic moment was known as Veterans Day in celebration and veneration of the military personnel lost in war. History The actual traditional of this event began when King George the Fifth commemorated Poppy day or Remembrance Day in 1919. The King’s soldiers saw the field red with what they believed to be Poppies at the end of the First World War only to find that it was the blood strewn... Read More

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Make Your Own Vuvuzela

The sound of the Vuvuzela, now made famous by the ongoing 2010 World Cup is the must have item for football supporters this summer. As fun as the Vuvuzela is, there have been complaints that it is too loud, too distracting for players and commentators alike and an overall nuisance. So much so that FIFA had a meeting about it, and ruled in favour of the African Horn. Love it or hate it, it is definitely a unique yet fascinating instrument. Background The traditional Vuvuzela was made of tin, but... Read More


How to Cook the Perfect Fry-Up

We hope you came hungry, for this Full English (or Full Monty) is going to leave you well-fed and throwing your diet out the window. We English know how to cook up quite the spread for your morning meal. We’ll have none of that cereal and milk or butter and toast stuff. We’d like to share some insider information about cooking the perfect Full English which will satisfy the most ravenous of guests. Shall we get started? The Full Monty, as we often call this meal, usually consists of bacon,... Read More