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Have Fun While Helping Children In Need

Everyone who has it in his heart to help needy children in the next one year can do it through the BBC’s Children in Need 2013. Helping needy children is a great virtue and there are many ways through which someone can do that. It is even possible to do something charitable while still having fun and doing things that you like. That can be done even while shopping for interesting things like charms, T-shirts, key rings and coffee mugs. The Charity can be fun and very productive because anything... Read More


Who’s the Best Doctor Who and Why?

One of the most prevalent questions among science fiction fans, both new ones and veterans, is “Who played (or plays) the Time Lord in the TARDIS best?” This is a question I have some trepidation in answering, partly because I’m not British and have to wait for Doctor Who to air on BBC America. If you really pressed me, the best I could do would be to break them up between “new Who” (the rebooted era beginning with Christopher Eccleston, through David Tennant, Matt Smith, and the soon-to-be 12th Doctor,... Read More

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Comic Relief Celebrates 25th Annual Red Nose Day

Every year, Comic Relief hosts numerous fundraisers in an attempt to use humour and comedy to help charities all around the world. Richard Curtis, the co-chair of Comic Relief founded the organisation in 1985 as a way to raise funds those less fortunate. This year is no different, with a number of events leading up to the main event, the 25th anniversary of Red Nose Day. Great British Bake Off One of the big events this year was the Great British Bake Off, a televised four episode week-long event, where... Read More


Make Sure To Tune Into The Great British Menu

The Great British Menu, series 8 2013, is back on British TV and BBC promises it will be a good one. The eight series of the show celebrates all the fun of Comic Relief. You will enjoy watching the chefs trying to create a menu that is playful. However, not only will they need to create a playful menu, but they will need to make the menu funny, which may sound easy, but surely they will end up running into all sorts of comical issues when they attempt to create... Read More

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BBC Children In Need

Since the first telethon in 1980, the BBC has proudly enjoyed more than 30 years of raising much needed public donations for the United Kingdom’s Children in Need. On 16 November, miracles will once again occur as an exciting assortment of acts in entertainment take to the stage for this important charity telethon. This year’s Children in Need Appeal 2012 takes place on 16 November and will again include longtime heartwarming host Sir Terry Wogan. Sir Terry Wogan welcomes an outstanding variety of celebrities as well as popular singers and... Read More


Don’t Miss The Great British Bake-off

The Great British Bake Off, the popular reality show on BBC 2 is down to the final three contestants of series 3. This baking competition show has been on the BBC 2 since 2010. The show, hosted by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, gives an overview of the history of British baking, while introducing a competitive element. Series 3 began on Tuesday 14th August 2012. Twelve amateur bakers were chosen to compete in the bake off, with one baker being eliminated every week. Filmed on the beautiful backdrop of Harptree... Read More

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Eurovision Song Contest

With the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals and Finals set to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan on May 22, 24 and 26th, the anticipation for the amazing event is building at a steady pace. The BBC Eurovision 2012 announcement of the UK entry winner, Engelbert Humperdinck along with the #1 spot in the final line-up going to the UK, has caused pride and excitement to kick into high gear in London. Light Your Fire With Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Eurovision UK 2012 fever has taken over as Europe’s biggest song... Read More

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Diamond Jubilee Concert Fit for a Queen

This June 2012, Britain will be celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s sixtieth year as reign of the United Kingdom with a series of events known as the Diamond Jubilee. Her Majesty will be honoured with a number of events including Diamond Jubilee concert scheduled for Monday June 4, 2012. The Queen herself will be on hand to make an appearance at this event along with other possible members of the royal family. The event will be staged in front of Buckingham Palace and will be held rain or shine. The stage will... Read More


Red Nose Day is Something to Laugh About

Red Nose Day is upon us once more, and it’s just about time to put on the red nose and give a little comic relief for a good cause. Red Nose Day is a day where anybody can exhibit the their sense of humour in odd and funny ways in order to help transform lives across the UK and Africa. After a day of joking, the day of funny explodes into a night of jokes on the BBC , all in the name of helping the less fortunate. Even if you... Read More

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BBC Children in Need

So you’ve sat in bath full of baked beans or shaven off your hair for charity, but do you know where your money really goes? The BBC’s main goal is to help children and young kids (18 and younger) in the UK who are at a disadvantage. Through donations, charities’ activities, fundraisers, and the help of schools, businesses, and corporations BBC helps kids and is able to run its campaign. The money collected goes towards programs to help kids in need that are in poverty situations, at abusive or neglect... Read More