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Americans Love British Accents and James Bond

Britain has a long standing history and what comes with that history are a number of accomplishments and cultural heritage. There is a consistent fascination about British people their culture among Americans. America and England fought eight years in the Revolutionary war and America declared independence in 1776. There were several fights between American and England. However with time, they became friends and have been helping each other out in international affairs. So what is it about Britain and its people that fascinates Americans? Lets take a look. Well for... Read More


Annie Lennox’s Brit Awards Suit

Annie Lennox was a Scottish legend with high dedication to music. She was born on a beautiful Christmas day in Aberdeen in the year 1954. Since her childhood, she was highly talented in music. Her childhood had so many misfortunes and shortcomings and she never surrendered to that while having a piano lesson. This made her very ebullient and ambitious female singer. She contributed her golden voice for the first time at Butlins holiday camp in the year 1964. With the help of her friend David A Stewart, she became... Read More