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Best Sherlock Holmes Actor?

Numerous men have lived behind the varied facades of 221b Baker Street, over the years. Television and cinema have produced several generations, and interpretations, of Sherlock Holmes for an ever growing fan base. Most would argue that the top contenders for the “Best Holmes” are easily enough to work out. Peter Cushing, Basil Rathbone, and Jeremy Brett have all delivered beloved interpretations of everyone’s favourite London Sleuth. Within the modern generations of Holmes fans there are many who would say the best portrayal of was clearly the most recent by... Read More

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Tom Daley: Britain’s Diving Wonderboy

Take a virtual wander through the online retail community and you’ll find items like Union Jack hand held flags , Union Jack bunting and Union Jack swimming trunks have received significant sales boosts. Union Jack hand held flags are naturally the preferred choice for those for those fortunate enough to attend the recent 2010 Commonwealth Games. Union Jack hand held flags and Union Jack bunting could be making appearances at private viewing parties too. However, it’s pretty sure no one’s been tacking up or waving any Union Jack swimming trunks . Odds... Read More