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Children In Need Line Up

It is one of the most important events on the calendar for children in need. The primary goal is to change children’s life for the better. Even with a small donation you can help children surrounded by death, hunger, despair and disease. The simple necessities of putting food on the table can be a far reach for some, waking up with nothing, homeless and in need of the basics that we so often take for granted. These children are not only the most vulnerable they are also the most neglected... Read More


Red Nose Day is Something to Laugh About

Red Nose Day is upon us once more, and it’s just about time to put on the red nose and give a little comic relief for a good cause. Red Nose Day is a day where anybody can exhibit the their sense of humour in odd and funny ways in order to help transform lives across the UK and Africa. After a day of joking, the day of funny explodes into a night of jokes on the BBC , all in the name of helping the less fortunate. Even if you... Read More

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BBC Children in Need

So you’ve sat in bath full of baked beans or shaven off your hair for charity, but do you know where your money really goes? The BBC’s main goal is to help children and young kids (18 and younger) in the UK who are at a disadvantage. Through donations, charities’ activities, fundraisers, and the help of schools, businesses, and corporations BBC helps kids and is able to run its campaign. The money collected goes towards programs to help kids in need that are in poverty situations, at abusive or neglect... Read More