Union Jack Nails Tutorial

Spare a little time to get creative and nail that Union Jack look with the help of this great tutorial from make-up expert Rebecca Charlotte. No need for glue and sticking on plastic nails that will fall off. Rebecca will show you all the steps you need to achieve super glossy and glamorous Union Jack nails by yourself. This video contains details on which colours she used and where to buy from them from. Have nails that will look great, be patriotic, be the talk of the party and have... Read More

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Geri Halliwell Union Jack Dress Scoops Award

Ever since Spice Girl Geri Halliwell debuted her iconic Union Jack dress at the 1997 BRIT Awards, we’ve all been living in a different world. One might even call it a Spice World. Regardless, Geri’s dress has remained her trademark and is forever associated with her time as a Spice Girl. Debut Because she was dissatisfied by the black Gucci dress that she was originally given to wear for the awards show, Geri had her sister make the flag cum outfit. In a move that placed the finery of the... Read More