How To Make Mince Pies

For many people, the season has to have a least one, if not two, mince pies. The good news is you won’t have to be a highly trained professional like Mary Berry to get a great-tasting pie. Consider the following recipe and ingredients and before you know it, you’ll have a fantastic tasting and even better looking pie for Christmas. If you haven’t made one before you’ll want to consider how to make mince pies and look for a recipe. Easy Mince Pie Recipe Ingredients: Roughly a quarter cup of... Read More


How to make Union Jack cookies

Hello and welcome to Hobbycraft, the home of good ideas. My name is Hannah and today we’re going to go Rule, Britannia all the way with these gorgeous Union Jack Cookies. So to begin with what you need to do is make up your favourite cookie recipe. My favourite one is this Almond All-Butter Shortbread recipe which you can download from the Hobbycraft website. When you roll the cookies out to bake them, I need you to cut them into these rectangle flag shape. So they’re about six centimeters by... Read More


Traditional Christmas Cake Ideas

Its that time of year again. The holiday season abounds and this is the perfect time to try out new recipes for the holiday season. Everyone may have their own cake recipe, but why not try two or three new recipes? Learning and experimenting with a new recipe is easy. One only has to look to a number of accomplished chefs for some new creative baking ideas. There are many recipes available for even the novice baker on how to make a cake. A cake does not have to be... Read More


British Sausage Week Rolls Out This November

Residents of Great Britain look forward every year to celebrating traditional pork sausage with a week long celebration known as British Sausage Week. This annual event observes its 16th anniversary in 2013 and has been slated this year to start on the 4th of November, winding up all festivities on the 10th. Participants will have the opportunity to meet Sausage Week’s official celebrity ambassador, Chef Simon Rimmer, popular TV show host. Rimmer will serve as one of the judges deciding which of the many regional British sausages entered into competition... Read More

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Workout Plans to Lose Weight

In the busy and stressful world of today, many people find themselves gaining weight. With no time to exercise or cook, people end up relying on high-fat and high-salt ready meals and convenience foods. Often, people need a good diet plan that works quickly to burn fat and help them to get that elusive beach body in time for their holiday. Losing weight is never easy, and trying to lose weight fast can be even more difficult. People can sometimes be tempted to try fad holiday diets to help them... Read More


Make Sure To Tune Into The Great British Menu

The Great British Menu, series 8 2013, is back on British TV and BBC promises it will be a good one. The eight series of the show celebrates all the fun of Comic Relief. You will enjoy watching the chefs trying to create a menu that is playful. However, not only will they need to create a playful menu, but they will need to make the menu funny, which may sound easy, but surely they will end up running into all sorts of comical issues when they attempt to create... Read More


Celebrating the British Banger

Britons who love their sausage, and who doesn’t, are looking forward to the annual British Sausage Week, which this year runs from 5-11 November. Few foods are as associated with British cooking more than the British banger. It is right up there with Fish and Chips, and a beef joint. Sausage is a worldwide delight having originated in the Middle East some 5,000 years ago and spread around the globe. Brought to Britain by the Romans during their occupations, it was deemed worthy of adoption and has been a British... Read More


Don’t Miss The Great British Bake-off

The Great British Bake Off, the popular reality show on BBC 2 is down to the final three contestants of series 3. This baking competition show has been on the BBC 2 since 2010. The show, hosted by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, gives an overview of the history of British baking, while introducing a competitive element. Series 3 began on Tuesday 14th August 2012. Twelve amateur bakers were chosen to compete in the bake off, with one baker being eliminated every week. Filmed on the beautiful backdrop of Harptree... Read More

Britain’s Fattest Man

At the age of 49, Paul Mason is believed to be between 60 and 70-stone, which has deemed him the title of Britain’s fattest man. His weight cannot be exact, however, because he has not even left his house in almost a decade. His main dream is to walk again, but this an almost unattainable feat. The only thing that could save Mason was getting his stomach stapled. Even though they believed him to be no more than 70-stone, the lack of certainty could have killed him. Without knowing his... Read More


Strictly Judge Loves a British Sausage

British Sausage Week 2010 is the most celebrated sausage event of the year. No one appreciates the merits and delicious taste of the sausage quite like the British. The British Sausage Week features a very special appearance from renowned choreographer and director Craig Revel Horwood as the celebrity judge for year’s event. The mouth-watering British beloved sausage took front and centre as the talented sausage competitors presented their best sausage creations to date. The variety of British sausages on display for the judging event featured new and innovation flavours. Acclaimed... Read More