Love British Food Fortnight Event

One thing that the British have a great love for is food. Not just the idea of the consumption of it, but every aspect of it from its very beginnings to the time it is placed on a plate for consumption. When the mere mention of food is uttered in Britain, you are not merely speaking of a suggestion to appease an appetite, you are opening the doorway to an education on what Britain has raised to be a true art form; the preparation of food. Is it surprising then... Read More


Easy Fish and Chips Recipe

It is no surprise that the favourite take away food in the UK is traditional fish and chips. With its crisp and crunchy batter, mild fish flavour and accompanying golden fried potatoes, what could be more satisfying? Fish and chips became popular in the UK in the early 1800s as an inexpensive food for the working class. Today, the average price for fish and chips is £6. But fish and chips is not just for the working class. A celebrity owned pub in London boasts a meal of fish and... Read More


How to Cook the Perfect Fry-Up

We hope you came hungry, for this Full English (or Full Monty) is going to leave you well-fed and throwing your diet out the window. We English know how to cook up quite the spread for your morning meal. We’ll have none of that cereal and milk or butter and toast stuff. We’d like to share some insider information about cooking the perfect Full English which will satisfy the most ravenous of guests. Shall we get started? The Full Monty, as we often call this meal, usually consists of bacon,... Read More