British Victorian Inventors – What did they ever do for us?

Victorian times ushered in a period of a vital era within modern history’s development. A timeline of roughly 1837-1901 is widely recognised as the period, as Victorian inventions coupled with progressions from the Industrial Revolution, signified a time of new ideologies, concepts, and inventions that would undoubtedly change the world forever. A large number of these concepts and ensuing inventions are those which are still currently used to this day. Many famous Victorian inventors made their name during this prime period of innovation. Ranging from communication to transport, most areas... Read More


10 Wacky Victorian Inventions

In Victorian times, Great Britain was the melting pot of whimsical inventors. Several of those British innovations have since been overtaken by the times. Here is a look at the wacky contraptions made in England in those days. Multi-purpose Cane This was an invention that courted gentlemen with the promise of the best cane possible. The cane incredibly converted into an umbrella, a smoking pipe, a butterfly catcher, a flute and a yardstick. Writing Stabiliser This writing tool does not sound as wacky as it looks. It never achieved its... Read More