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Armed Forces Day Party

Armed Forces Day was first held in the United Kingdom in 2009, it followed the first Veterans Day which was recognised in 2006. This day was created to honour the men and woman serving the UK Armed Forces who have and continue to serve their country. It was put into place after reports in 2008 told stories of airmen being unable to wear their uniforms in public due to abuse from citizens regarding things that had occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan. This year, the National Event will be held in... Read More

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Make Your Own Vuvuzela

The sound of the Vuvuzela, now made famous by the ongoing 2010 World Cup is the must have item for football supporters this summer. As fun as the Vuvuzela is, there have been complaints that it is too loud, too distracting for players and commentators alike and an overall nuisance. So much so that FIFA had a meeting about it, and ruled in favour of the African Horn. Love it or hate it, it is definitely a unique yet fascinating instrument. Background The traditional Vuvuzela was made of tin, but... Read More

11 Facts About Six Nations Rugby Championship That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

The Six Nations rugby union competition will roll out again in the Winter as England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales compete for the trophy. As the 2015 fixtures were announced the teams named squads to compete in this historic tournament that takes place each year between the nations. Four Teams Originally Played The Home Nations Championship was first played in 1883, which led to the establishment of the competition featuring the six teams now playing. The English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh played in the first series, with the English... Read More

What Simon Cowell Never Told You About Britains Got Talent Auditions

When you turn to ITV to watch Britains Got Talent, you need to remember that you do not see all that happens behind the scenes on the show. The show is a flurry of Union Jack flags, Union Jack bunting, talent, judges and celebrities. You will never have a chance to see all that happens, but you need to know what you are missing during the audition. The Auditions The auditions that happen on the shows happen in the hundreds. You will notice that the auditions do not happen in... Read More

Why Six Nations Rugby Championship Will Change Your Life

Whether you are a member of the Royal family, a celebrity or a commoner, the glamour, passion and fun of the Six Nations Rugby Championship will change the way you choose to spend your Winter weekends.  This historic championship is one of the top European sporting events and features the best players from English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, French and Italian teams meeting each other over the course of a few Winter weeks. National Pride Rugby is one of the biggest sports in these countries and brings out the national pride of... Read More

Dress as Britain’s Superhero Union Jack This Halloween

Joey Chapman was the son of a shipbuilder when he was thrust into taking over for the original Union Jack. He donned the Union Jack superhero costume and helped Captain America defeat Baron Blood. From then on, he achieved the vaunted status of Britain’s super hero in the Union Jack comics. Wear the Union Jack Superhero Costume this Halloween With Halloween around the corner, a Union Jack superhero costume could be the talk of your costume party. The costume, with a bold UK flag emblazoned across the front, is not... Read More

Top Things to do in Yorkshire on a Wet Bank Holiday Weekend

Rich with history, Yorkshire is a superior holiday destination with an ample array of tourist attractions. What follows is a smattering of activities and places to visit in Yorkshire, perfect for individuals and families. Scarborough • Castle lovers will want to explore Scarborough Castle. This historical nugget is over 3,000 years old and sits on a rocky promontory, facing out upon the North Sea. • Grand entertainment can be found at the fantastic Open Air Theatre, the largest of its kind in Europe, featuring UK sensations and famous bands from around... Read More

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Tour de France Comes To the UK in July

The three British stages of the Tour de France 2014 take place on July 5th, 6th and 7th of 2014. The United Kingdom stages are considered to be part of the UK Sport’s Event Series. The point of these stages and the London Olympics of 2013 is that they will hopefully bring in about 70 world-class events by 2019 to this kingdom. According to Liz Nicholl, the CEO of UK Sport, this bicycling race is one of the most famous events on the sporting calendar, and these stages for this... Read More

Step inside Union Jack Wear

Union Jack Wear is a rapidly growing online enterprise that designs and sells specialty Union Jack products including custom-made clothing and other patriotic themed items all designed in order to help you celebrate Britishness. Over eight years, Keighley entrepreneur Graham Johnson has expanded his business from a small hobby into Britain’s Favourite Union Jack Store. Union Jack Wear was born one day when a cousin of Johnson’s in America asked him to send over some Union Jack products. Dealing in patriotic items then became a recreational pastime for Johnson; he... Read More


Learning to be British

Making people think you’re British has never been easier. It’s a rather interesting notion that people from England are considered the most gentle of the English-speaking nations, which the whole world is slowly becoming. In order to make those around you believe you’re a Brit, there are several things you have to do: make careful word choices, try to emulate the accent, make your thoughts open, and then act appropriately from what you learned. Talk Proper It is important to remember to make careful word choices when you want to... Read More