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Christmas Party Costume Ideas

Costume parties are a great way to step out of your office wear and be something or dress in a way that you normally would not dress. A Christmas party is a great way to let loose and dress up, knowing that other work colleagues will be dressing in the same fashion. If you are short on ideas, there is no need to worry because here are several Christmas costume ideas. Going sexy There is nothing wrong with adorning a sexy costume when it comes time to party. Consider the... Read More

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Famous British Things

David Beckham is famous for a hooking drive of a football, arcing almost gracefully from foot to singing twine. However, to football fans all over the world, Beckham is the player who lifts an entire team to a marvellous level of skill and strategy. To non-football fans, perhaps music fans, Beckham’s famous wife is the charm. In some ways, she was part of a female equivalent to The Beatles; the Spice Girls became an article of British culture. Books, magazines, movies, children’s program, all were part of the tidal wave... Read More


British Sausage Week Rolls Out This November

Residents of Great Britain look forward every year to celebrating traditional pork sausage with a week long celebration known as British Sausage Week. This annual event observes its 16th anniversary in 2013 and has been slated this year to start on the 4th of November, winding up all festivities on the 10th. Participants will have the opportunity to meet Sausage Week’s official celebrity ambassador, Chef Simon Rimmer, popular TV show host. Rimmer will serve as one of the judges deciding which of the many regional British sausages entered into competition... Read More


Who’s the Best Doctor Who and Why?

One of the most prevalent questions among science fiction fans, both new ones and veterans, is “Who played (or plays) the Time Lord in the TARDIS best?” This is a question I have some trepidation in answering, partly because I’m not British and have to wait for Doctor Who to air on BBC America. If you really pressed me, the best I could do would be to break them up between “new Who” (the rebooted era beginning with Christopher Eccleston, through David Tennant, Matt Smith, and the soon-to-be 12th Doctor,... Read More

Classy Hen Weekend Ideas

There are a million different ways to plan a Hen Party and it is the maid of honour’s responsibility to make sure the party suits the bride to be. If your bride doesn’t want something risqué, then planning a classy event with the girls is the way to go. Here is a selection of classy hen weekend ideas that your bride will love. Hen Party Cottage Instead of having a night on the town, maybe your bride prefers to have a blast indoors with her core group of friends. If... Read More

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Union Jack Face Painting Kit

When it comes to face paint, Snazaroo provides one of the best face painting kits on the market. Their simple face painting flags Union Jack Face Painting Kit continues to be a hit among the United Kingdom. The non-toxic ingredients are suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. Perfect for parties and celebrations, you’re sure to have fun with the endless possibilities provided by this kit. With step by step instructions, you’ll be well on your way to creating the most sophisticated looks imaginable. Show your pride for Great... Read More

More 1980′s Pop Stars – Where are they now?

Part 2 of our round up of 1980’s Pop Stars – Where are they now? Shakin Stevens Before there was Natasha Bedingfield, Jessie J, Amy Winehouse and Adele, there was Shakin Stevens. Shakin Stevens is a pop music sensation who delivered several Top 40 hits in the early 80s. Like many others from the same time period, fame didn’t last long, and the limelight quickly dimmed for Shakin Stevens. Currently touring Europe and in the studio recording new material. Spandau Ballet and Depeche Mode After taking a break from recording... Read More

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Great Britain

The area known today as Great Britain was first established, formally, by the Treaty of Union drafted in 1707 by England and Scotland. The kingdom of Great Britain spans an area off the coast of mainland Europe which includes the countries known as Wales and Northern Ireland in addition to the original parties, England and Scotland. These countries have their own, individual capitals: Cardiff, Belfast, London, and Edinburgh, respectfully. However, of these British Isles, it is England that is most often associated with the United Kingdom possibly a result of... Read More

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Workout Plans to Lose Weight

In the busy and stressful world of today, many people find themselves gaining weight. With no time to exercise or cook, people end up relying on high-fat and high-salt ready meals and convenience foods. Often, people need a good diet plan that works quickly to burn fat and help them to get that elusive beach body in time for their holiday. Losing weight is never easy, and trying to lose weight fast can be even more difficult. People can sometimes be tempted to try fad holiday diets to help them... Read More

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I, Alan Partridge – King of Radio & Movie Star

If you hear a man repeatedly yelling “Dan!” for several minutes in a crowded parking lot, then you know who is just feet away, whether that’s good or bad. Love him or loathe him, Alan Partridge has undoubtedly taken over BBC with his humorous opinions, unfortunate circumstances, and prideful tendencies. He has a love-hate relationship with most of his listeners, but his awkward and overbearing personality often becomes addictive and overly entertaining. Alan Partridge, is indeed a fictional character, played by Steve Coogan, but we’ll pretend he’s real for the... Read More