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Bit of Trouble and Strife

Very few cultural or linguistic terms are as memorable and as linguistically convoluted as Cockney rhyming slang. Comparable to American jive talk, this slang that’s most popular on the East End of London can sometimes seem like a language all its own. The reason for that is that, when one gets down to it, rhyming slang is sort of its own language. Not in a technical sense, it’s just a collection of common phrases used by Londoners, but it can feel like another language, and it does follow many of... Read More


Canaries & Cathedrals Await You in Norwich

The Chinese have a saying. “In over 2000 years of culture, there is not a lot of things that haven’t been attempted.” Thus, it is with Norwich, long the de-facto capital of East England. Rich in culture and history, it was one of the first major cities founded by Anglo-Saxons on a site that was not pre-dated by Roman settlement. Where is Norwich, specifically? It is located 190 kilometres North-east of London. The city is fairly unique in that it was so built out by the time the industrial revolution... Read More


Bonnie Tyler at Eurovision

The Eurovision song contest is getting ready for the world stage again, and the UK entry for the 2013 song contest is being sung by the iconic rock song stress Bonnie Tyler. Let’s hope she can bring some success back to the UK after the last few disappointing entries. On 18 May 2013, Bonnie will be singing Believe in Me to an estimated 120 million viewers in Malmo, Sweden. It’s been called song for Europe, Eurovision, and sometimes a pain to listen to, but this anachronistic singing competition has been... Read More

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Comic Relief Celebrates 25th Annual Red Nose Day

Every year, Comic Relief hosts numerous fundraisers in an attempt to use humour and comedy to help charities all around the world. Richard Curtis, the co-chair of Comic Relief founded the organisation in 1985 as a way to raise funds those less fortunate. This year is no different, with a number of events leading up to the main event, the 25th anniversary of Red Nose Day. Great British Bake Off One of the big events this year was the Great British Bake Off, a televised four episode week-long event, where... Read More


Make Sure To Tune Into The Great British Menu

The Great British Menu, series 8 2013, is back on British TV and BBC promises it will be a good one. The eight series of the show celebrates all the fun of Comic Relief. You will enjoy watching the chefs trying to create a menu that is playful. However, not only will they need to create a playful menu, but they will need to make the menu funny, which may sound easy, but surely they will end up running into all sorts of comical issues when they attempt to create... Read More

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British Museum London – Where Past Meets Future

You can’t travel back in time, but you can make the past merge into the future as you meander among the collections at the British Museum. Eight million artifacts of human culture and art are spotlighted within this most illustrious of London museums. Ancient Egypt Featuring the second-largest collection of antiquities from Ancient Egypt in the world (the first being in Egypt), the British Museum boasts the Rosetta Stone, the Colossal Bust of Ramesses II, and the resplendent, bearded statue of Tutankhamun as the priest of Hapy, God of the... Read More

Rod Stewart Book Review

Rod Stewart is an icon in the history of our music, and part of the reason for that is because of his distinctive look, wild antics and colourful life. Rod: The Autobiography; is his story in his words. Describing things as he seen them throughout his life and career. It tells the story of his concerts behind the scenes, life in the studio, his marriages and relationships, which were much in the public eye, if only because there were so many relationships, many with supermodels, and his day to day... Read More

Wishes do Come True in this Year’s Pantomimes

It is Christmas, and that can only mean it is time for the Pantomimes 2012 season! This season proves to be a sensation panto season with favourites such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Aladdin and Peter Pan. Sleeping Beauty – York Sleeping Beauty returns to the Grand Opera House in York to fall asleep once more and awaken with a kiss from her handsome Prince Charming. It has been a long time since York’s favourite fairytale graced the stage at the Opera House, but fear not…she will be here for all... Read More

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BBC Children In Need

Since the first telethon in 1980, the BBC has proudly enjoyed more than 30 years of raising much needed public donations for the United Kingdom’s Children in Need. On 16 November, miracles will once again occur as an exciting assortment of acts in entertainment take to the stage for this important charity telethon. This year’s Children in Need Appeal 2012 takes place on 16 November and will again include longtime heartwarming host Sir Terry Wogan. Sir Terry Wogan welcomes an outstanding variety of celebrities as well as popular singers and... Read More

Girls Aloud tour again

Girls Aloud have just announced a concert tour. This 12-date trek will open with two February 21 and 22 performances in Cheryl Cole’s hometown of Newcastle upon Tyne. The string of shows will also coincide with the act’s latest single, “Something New,” which is out on November 18. The new single can also be found on the group’s ‘best of’ album, titled Ten, and is also the official charity single for Children in Need. Along with Cole, Girls Aloud is comprised of Sarah Harding, Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola... Read More