Union Jack Wear


“Come on England!” – England v Ukraine

Euro 2012 is in full swing, and England and Ukraine are battling it out for the quarter-finals. A loss here won’t doom England’s chances, but a win is surely desired by everyone back in home. England vs. Ukraine This football game is sure to see tens of thousands of Wayne Rooney fans with their faces painted with union jack flags shouting their fullest at the refs. England is the odds favourite for this match, but not by much. The odds of a win are roughly 50 percent, but a tie... Read More


Crossing The British Channel By Ferry

If you are planning a trip across Europe from England, then Dover is usually the first port of call when you want to start your trip. The great thing about taking a cheap ferry Dover to Calais is that you will be able to enjoy a wonderful trip while getting to mainland Europe at the same time. Many people decide to take an airplane, but this is a much better option. When you take the ferry into Calais France, you will enjoy the most picturesque of routes in the process.... Read More

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Street Party Ideas for Queens Jubilee Celebration

The Queens Jubilee is a major event loaded with diamond jubilee decorations marking 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II reigning as Queen of England this year. Jubilee celebration ideas are on the rise to commemorate and honour her by her peers and the public. A diamond jubilee flag will be swaying in the wind with the union jack surrounding a commemorative centre measuring five feet by three feet, two brass eyelets and grommets for hanging bursting with vivid colours. Jubilee party supplies are in demand featuring Queen Elizabeth II featuring... Read More

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Jubilee Party Ideas for Street Parties

Queen Elizabeth II has been and will be celebrating her Diamond Jubilee throughout the entire 2012 year. This is a once in a lifetime celebration for Her Majesty, the British Empire, and the world at large. Not every monarch reigns for 60 years, with the last such celebration being 115 years ago. Diamond Jubilee Party Ideas This exceptional occasion of pomp and circumstance, celebratory events, and common citizen festivities is a breath of good cheer in a time when worries of world economic troubles abound. The esprit de corps between... Read More

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Eurovision Song Contest

With the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals and Finals set to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan on May 22, 24 and 26th, the anticipation for the amazing event is building at a steady pace. The BBC Eurovision 2012 announcement of the UK entry winner, Engelbert Humperdinck along with the #1 spot in the final line-up going to the UK, has caused pride and excitement to kick into high gear in London. Light Your Fire With Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Eurovision UK 2012 fever has taken over as Europe’s biggest song... Read More

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Diamond Jubilee Concert Fit for a Queen

This June 2012, Britain will be celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s sixtieth year as reign of the United Kingdom with a series of events known as the Diamond Jubilee. Her Majesty will be honoured with a number of events including Diamond Jubilee concert scheduled for Monday June 4, 2012. The Queen herself will be on hand to make an appearance at this event along with other possible members of the royal family. The event will be staged in front of Buckingham Palace and will be held rain or shine. The stage will... Read More


Diamond Jubilee Countdown

There have been milestones that Queen Elizabeth II has celebrated since her coronation in 1953. Her 64 year marriage to His Royal Highness the Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh and her 85th birthday on 21 April 2011 are just a couple occasions. The most current and noteworthy celebration is The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration during the first weekend in June 2012. The Queen is the second monarch to celebrate 60 years as a reigning royal; the first was Queen Victoria who celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 1897. London will be... Read More

British Pub Week

When considering attending British Pub Week, you are going to find the best of hospitality, and you are going to experience the best pubs that the UK has to offer to visitors, and to locals alike who decide to go to the annual event. Visitors are going to be able to visit hundreds of pubs, which are offering a series of events for those who join to take part in. From engaging in the Halloween party, the live music night, Halloween and quiz night, community day which offers a pub... Read More


Host a World Cup Football Party

Hosting a World Cup Football Party is a great way to show your enthusiasm for your country and have lots of fun doing it. In order to have a spectacular party, a well thought out theme and party menu is in order. Young and old can enjoy a World Cup Football party with diverse games and decorations. Decorations can make a party pop with the right type of theme Party stores sell most of the decoration supplies that you are after. Purchase international flags and string from the ceiling or... Read More

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Union Jack Party Decorations

There are many occasions that call for happy celebrations. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a holiday, there is nothing better than breaking out the party decorations and gathering all your friends and family for a good day of fun and festivities. Sometimes the celebration is in honour of your country. If you live in the UK, there are plenty of reasons to take pride of your English blood. When throwing celebrations to show off your patriotism, make sure all your guests are aware of your love for your country.... Read More